Dang Chicks Flock together to SERV

Dang Girls Night Out benefit concert

     Atlanta’s Dang Chicks Flock together to SERV Dang Girls Night Out with ‘MAMA’ JAN SMITH, MANDY GAWLEY & FRIENDS Red Clay Theatre Show to Benefit SERV International   ATLANTA, GA (March 26, 2013) – Cumming, GA-based women’s apparel company Dang Chicks joins forces with local female singer/songwriters to present Dang Girls Night Out,… read more

I Don’t Wanna Be A Pirate


“I Don’t Wanna Be a Pirate.”  Jerry Seinfeld My daughter is a dancer. OK, well she takes dance, shows up for all of the classes and has the costume for the recital, but she’s seven years old. That’s hardly old enough for me to label her a “dancer”, right?  But that is what I hear… read more

Who Asked You?


My babysitter’s name is Toshiba and I don’t feel bad about it. Don’t get me wrong, my kids don’t sit in front of the television for hours with no other activities. They play outside in the backyard, go to dance classes, acting classes, we go fun places every weekend, heck we live right next to… read more

Not Tonight Honey…I Have A Headache


Now I know by the title you assume I am talking to my husband, but you would be incorrect (well maybe partially correct).  I often find myself falling backwards onto the couch in the old “Nestea Iced Tea” plunge style at the end of my day. My plunge, however, does not look nearly as graceful as… read more

You’re So Dang Perfect…blah, blah, blah.


You’re So Dang Perfect….blah, blah, blah. I pulled up to my girlfriend’s house the other day and I was feeling really good about my accomplishments for the day. I had managed to brush my teeth (even floss) and I actually got out of the house with matching earrings for once. I hate to admit I… read more

We Are Dang Lucky


A day never passes that I don’t stop to think about all that I am so Dang Lucky to have been blessed with in life. From the amazing children I’ve somehow created to the fabulous new pair of smokin hot boots that will stop men dead in their tracks, I’m lucky. Lucky to be smart… read more

What is your happy


Our redesigned Dang Happy reflects the belief to stop and smell the roses…or Daisies.  Now stop and look around you and see just how beautiful your life truly is. Life is a blessing so feel the joy of successes and failures and be happy each and every step of the way.  Make each moment count and be Dang Happy.… read more

Ain’t Gonna Lie..


Five Year Olds Are a Pain in the Butt! Adj. 1. five-year-old – five years of age. young, immature – (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth; “young people” Yes, I said it. Five year olds, even mine, are a pain in the butt. I read… read more

Respect the Bird

The leaves have fallen and the temperatures have dropped. Summer is a distant memory, yet feels like it was just yesterday that I was lounging at the pool slathering 4 extra layers of sunscreen on the kids while I greased myself up in the most tropical oil to perfect the sun-kissed glow.  That glow has… read more

“M” is for…..

dang meltdown

  melt·down noun ˈmelt-ˌdau̇n Definition of MELTDOWN 1: the accidental melting of the core of a nuclear reactor 2: a rapid or disastrous decline or collapse 3: a breakdown of self-control (as from fatigue or overstimulation)   Did anyone ever notice that mom, minivan, meltdown and medication all start with the same letter? I do not… read more

ACC Football- Amazing Confident Chicks!!


In the sports world, football rules. In the real world, Dang Chicks rule. The perfect combination… Dang Chicks Football. We toss the coin. Heads we wake up ready for the day. Tails we stay in bed and watch Lifetime Movies for Women. HEADS!! Let’s go get’em, girls. In the game of life a Dang Chick plays… read more

I Love A Big Spud


I have a love-hate relationship with food. I love food. I hate to cook it. If I were ever to hit the jackpot a personal chef would be my first indulgence, followed by a personal shampoo man and a self cleaning toilet.  Since the odds of that happening are relatively slim, I guess I need… read more

Hook ‘em, Aggies!!


Who on earth would ever imagine a longhorn steer out on a football field? Only in Texas. Where can you find a dog that is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets being the only bearer of five silver diamonds? Yep, in Texas. Where would you see a team of Cowboys shoot four… read more

Two Chicks and an Iron Bowl


No matter your stance on football there comes a time when you have to choose. Who are you for? Who do you want to win? And over Thanksgiving weekend, at a time when families come together to celebrate all they are thankful for, gushing love and happiness over turkey and dressing, some take their stance… read more


It’s another great day in “Dang Proud of me” land. After walking into a firestorm of chaos, kids, hunger and demands, I almost gave in to the habitual desire to go pick up some fast food or eat out. The usual “I don’t know what’s for dinner” bellowed out with a sigh of desperation. And… read more

Tailgating with the Belles

There is just something about September that makes life seem a little more joyous, even energetic. September brings the beginning of fall foliage, cooler air and Football! But no longer is a weekend full of football the drab, boring, sit in front of the tv kind of weekend. There is no need to listen to… read more

Getting Your Greens Never Tasted So Dang Good!

Never get ahead of yourself. That’s my new motto. After several successful and wonderful attempts at my new adventure in cooking I dared to try two new ones on the same night.  Big mistake with my cooking experience. But on the bright side, 1 of the 2 new dishes turned out great, and the pooch… read more

TOUCHDOWN!!! The Dang Chicks Way

Welcome to football season 2011!! This season promises to be even bigger and better!! Not just because your favorite team may be ranked #1, #2 or even #20, but because the Dang Chicks have finally made cheering on your favorite team way cuter with over 15 team color combinations. Toss the frumpy, baggy team gear… read more

And Now I Have to Feed You?

I can’t tell you how many times that after a long day juggling the schedules of what feels like an army, I stare into the empty cupboards wondering what on earth is my family going to eat. My exhaustion wins and the number of our favorite local pizza joint is dialed.  It is often the… read more

Dang, it’s great to be Dang Proud

    We live in the land of opportunity. The greatest country on the face of the planet…The United States of America. Sometimes we can take for granted all that has been sacrified so we are able to be independent, successful women. We can all get caught up in the daily grind and forget to see every… read more

Greatness is…Being Dang Strong

Normally we like to keep the Dang Chick Style posts light and lively. Yet, today after talking with a  Dang Chick fan we thought it would be a nice change to share with you a story of how one simple shirt can transform a low day, even a week or month into a new-found feeling of strength.… read more

How Dang Driven Are You?

The Dang Chicks are at it again! We have come up with a new design on our custom burnout tee’s for our Dang Chick Nation to proudly wear. Wear your attitude as an ambitious, hardworking and focused woman. You are Dang Driven!! It has been said so many times that “it’s a man’s world”, but… read more

The New Dang Country at the Grand Ole’ Opry

Next stop on the Dang Chicks Nation tour… Dang Country!!  There is nothing better than sitting out on the porch with friends, sipping on some ice cold sweet tea and you all of a sudden hear your favorite country music song come on the radio.  Doesn’t matter if you have a great voice, you know all… read more

Our New Dang Cuffs by Dang Chicks

  Another exciting day in the Dang Chick Nation! We have made another great idea come to life and are thrilled to unveil our   new Dang Cuffs to all of you Dang Chicks! The creative minds behind all that is Dangity have meshed together to bring you new leather, wrap around cuffs- each with… read more

Dang, It’s Good To Be In Sundance Catalog

After months of hard work and a giant team effort, Dang Chicks is so proud to announce that our Dang Cowgirl short sleeve burnout tee is now in Sundance Catalog.  Yes, the Sundance that was founded by super dreamy, amazingly talented Mr. Robert Redford.  He walked right up to us and said “I must have you”..oops,  I… read more

If You Want To Get Ahead and Get Noticed, Then Get A Hat

  We are all drawn to a person’s face when we pass by. We look for different reasons, but we still look.  We inspect and sometimes even stare at a person’s features. Their eyes, their structure, their hair, maybe even wonder if a little work has been done? We present our faces to the world… read more

Miranda Lambert is a Dang Texan!!

  So a girl walks on stage with her guitar… Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but its no first line to what ends with side splitting laughter. It’s actually award winning singer Miranda Lambert walking on stage to rehearse for the live Grammy Nomination’s concert, airing on CBS, rocking out her Dang Texan… read more

No Ad-out’s Here, Its Dang Love!!

So I just can’t contain my excitement any longer.  Its time to reveal what Dang Chicks has up their sleeves for all of you Dang tennis Lover’s!!  Dang Chick’s will be unveiling our new Dang Love tee in the next 2 weeks!  Now we aren’t talking about Dang Love as in red roses and candy… read more

We Want to Know How You Rock Your Dang Shirts

Calling all Dang Chicks!!  Word is spreading about how rockin our Dang Shirts are and we are so excited that you all love to wear your Dang attitude.  But how do you like to wear them?  What is your Dang style? Over the past few months we’ve had one big Dang explosion of women telling… read more

But are you Dang Aware?

I know you are aware of how Dang Strong you are. And aware of how Dang Haute you are. But are you Dang Aware? So many of us know someone Dang amazing and Dang beautiful in our lives that has been diagnosed with the big ole nasty B.C… Breast Cancer. A grandmother, a mother, a… read more

Are You a Dang Chick?

Its 6 a.m.. The alarm clock just went off and you are laying in bed wishing for a few more minutes of sleep before your busy day begins. As you stretch away the morning blues your mind begins to focus on all that you need to accomplish this fine and glorious day.  You think, “Dang,… read more